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Perfect for Super Dry and Itchy Skin

The Moisture Bars are so well made and a big help because my dad hates moisturizers but he has super dry and itchy skin but loves loves using his moisture bars. I just ordered 3 more!

Bettina Kaiping

In Love with my Products

I am in love with this stuff! My delicate flower ass can't handle scents, but my gut told me to go for the Winter Spice and she was RIGHT. It's delicious, it smells so good and isn't overpowering. If your cracker ass is a crusty old saltine like me, I suggest buying moisturizer that is tailored to black folks. It's Better! trust me.

Aldra Robinson

A Must Have

The Shimmer Body oil and Aromatherapy are my favorite and I will be ordering again.

Yanique Thomas

Long Lasting

The Shimmering body oil might get me pregnant again. The tropical paradise is amazing. I have to order the other scents.

Dominque J